Family Tradition and
insurmountable quality

Andrés Gaviño is a family business, with a centenary tradition in the elaboration of traditional sweets from Seville. In the family house there existed bread ovens, where Olive Oil Tortas have been baked since the XIX century, utilizing the residual heat after the baking of daily bread. With time, what was a family tradition, the elaboration of baked sweets for their own families consumption and gifts to family and friends, has turned into a family company with a large production.

  • tortas en cinta transportadora
  • operarias labrando tortas

Natural ingredients

Our products are directed to demanding clients who value quality. This is why we exclusively utilize natural ingredients, 100% vegetable origin and we do without any artificial coloring or preservatives.

The surname Gaviño was first associated with Olive Oil Tortas thanks to its founder, Dr. Andrés Gaviño. A paediatrician by profession, and thus aware of the importance of a healthy diet, he considered this characteristic to be essential in the products he elaborated and sold. We have been able to achieve various awards and the recognition in the Bakery business.

  • rama de romero
  • montón de almendras
  • aceitunas verdes y hojas
  • Tortas y cascaras de naranja con palos de canel
  • tortas y jarra de leche en mesa
  • tortas saladas de romero con lonchas de jamón
  • tortas con limon cortado, ramas de canela y especies


The specialty of Andrés Gaviño could not be other than handmade artisan TORTAS, manufactured one by one. For this reason there are none alike.
This elaborate preparation is our sign of identity, essential for acquiring the fine light texture that has given so much prestige to our brand.